Dear friends and supporters of Inca Link,

This year we are doing something very special for Christmas. We want to give all of the kids in the ministries of Inca Link a new pair of Christmas shoes!

Shoes for Orphans

Oswaldo lacing up new Christmas shoes for a teenage orphan in Quito, Ecuador

With 743 kids across 3 countries, this is big goal! We need your help to show our kids the love of Jesus. You can purchase a pair of shoes for an orphan or street child in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Each pair of shoes costs $25.

During the Christmas season, we will be putting shoes on approximately 743 orphans and street children. Some of these children have NEVER owned a “new” pair of shoes in their lives.

You have the option to purchase a pair of shoes in someone’s honor for Christmas. This is a great way to be a part of a movement that is changing the way we do Christmas! Instead of more stuff that no one needs, let’s give love! When you purchase a pair of shoes in the name of your loved one, we will send you a flyer with their name on it and the ministry and ministry location where the shoes purchased in their name was given. Please specify in your purchase, the name that you would like on the flyer and an email address where we can send the flyer to you for printing.

Thank you for all of the ways that you partner with us to love the least of these in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru!

Merry Christmas,

The Inca Link Team