It’s another year and as usual we at Inca Link have started out celebrating! Here’s the latest:

Inca Link International gathered interns together in Boone, NC. It’s just the best way to start a year! It’s encouraging and inspiring to hear the stories of what God is doing in the lives of our interns, on and off the field! Our interns make us all feel young and hopeful for another year of rubbing shoulders with students who are ready to make a difference in this world. I know it sounds “cheesy,” but when you’re around optimism, it just spreads. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, take a month, 3 months, a year even, and come serve people with Inca Link. It’s pretty radical!

Intern Reunion 2011-2012 – On top of Grandfather Mountain in Boone, NC

Inca Link Peru
Inca Link Peru started their year off with a retreat in Punta Sal. Yeah, it’s a beach. Yeah, it was amazing. There are 21 leaders ready to change the world with whatever resources God gives them! You read that right, 21 leaders! How great is that? We have some big plans this year too. We need all the help we can get! We are putting our heart and soul in these 5 projects:
The children’s home… this is the year of the child. They are moving in!
Expanding the daycare center… it’s about reaching the families.
Milagro Garbage dump…we have a growing church.
Victor Raul…a rejected community feeling the love.
Camp… it’s all about building leaders.

Now THIS is how Inca Link Peru likes to have their retreats! 🙂

Inca Link Ecuador
Inca Link Ecuador hosted Quito 12 and started the year serving surrounding communities with a group of 80 international college students. Oh yeah, 12 countries represented! We had the honor of sharing our event with JUCUM (better known to us as YWAM) who are giants in the world of missions! It was fun to learn together and serve together. Really, getting out of your comfort zone right from the get go is a good way to dedicate your year. More good news, we got government clearance to house minors in our Casa Elizabeth, soooo….we are ready to take on more pregnant teens. Stay tuned! Oh, and wanna hear more great news? Ganas (our home for kids whose parents are in prison) has seen that Inca Link is committed, so they have turned over the spiritual, emotional care of the kids! We have found a professional psychologist to help us, and great people of faith to invest in these kids. Casey and Renae Bryans are full time invested in this ministry, and it couldn’t be in better hands! Come help!

Some Students at Quito 12 after they camped out at El Refugio! 🙂

WE FINALLY HAD SOMEONE COME TO COLOMBIA! Our very first team came over Christmas! Doc Hendley from Wine to Water, and his friend, Ubie Sullivan, came and got busy! They were doing construction on a building that has a soup kitchen on the first floor, job training for ex-gang members and single mom’s on the second floor, and the third floor was supposed to be the church, but for the past three years haven’t had the funds to complete the construction. Lucy and all the children in the soup kitchen have been praying that God would provide a roof by the end of the year, and God answered JUST IN TIME!

The church a week before Christmas…

The church on Christmas Eve

2012, BRING IT BABY! We are ready!