By Chedel Beck

7:35 a.m.: my alarm goes off.  Yes, it’s a weird time, but I want to try to get every minute of sleep possible; I’ll need it for the day ahead.  I literally roll out of bed and throw on some clothes and go downstairs to help Mabe and Fabi prepare for breakfast for the team.  This involves putting out the three different cereals, milk, yogurt, sugar, and whatever else is needed.  I also make the juice for breakfast, which is my personal favorite.  Additionally, if we need a sack lunch for the day, this is usually the time that we do it.  So, while preparing for breakfast, we are simultaneously making sandwiches for lunch and grabbing juice, a fruit, a snack, and a dessert.  Finally, it’s time to eat breakfast with the team, and then do all of the dishes.  Without fail, Gustavo comes running into Casa Blanca yelling that it’s time to go, even though he’s 15 minutes later than he said he would be.  So, we run out the door and head to the ministry site.

Hannah and Chedel at Metropolitan Park with the team during a time of devotions.

A lot of the times, the ministry site involves us painting something.  At least that was my experience with the team for a week.  Painting or doing some sort of construction, manual labor.  After all the chaos, we finally started the task at hand.  Once we worked for a while, we ate the sack lunch that we had packed earlier.  After lunch and a little bit of rest time, it’s back to work painting or cutting down trees or whatever the task is.  When all the work for the day is complete, we head back to Casa Blanca for dinner.  This usually involved the interns helping in some way, be it setting the table, cooking, or making more juice.  The team is served dinner and then it’s more dishes.  Just when I think I’m done doing dishes, there’s a whole other stack ready to be washed.  Once the never-ending dishes pile is done, it’s time for debrief.  This is the time where we talk about everything that happened during the day and finally process it.  We might talk about highs and lows from the day, how each team member sees God working in them during their time here, or how each member of the team embodied one of the items from the contract (give 110%, challenge by choice, choose joy, be here now, and love covers all).  After debrief, it’s somehow time for more dishes and cleaning.  Eventually it’s time to go to bed and then wake up and do it all again the next day.

Colorado Springs Christian School team at Pichincha mountain after taking the Teleferico up.