By Chedel Beck

You may be asking yourself, who is Chelsey Brunt?  Chelsey has been with Inca Link as the director of women’s soccer for a little over a year.  A year and four months to be exact.  She oversees all women’s sports and the youth soccer program, as well as developing the programs and reaching the women and children with Christ’s irresistible love.

Chelsey (middle) with two of the girls from the Cumbre Alta women’s team.

A day is anything but typical for Chelsey.  The only regular part of her day is waking up and eating her yogurt and homemade granola, which she is quite proud of. She also works on administrative things such as emails, practices, and devotionals.  After all of this, “work” starts around 2 p.m. where she starts one of her many journeys to a soccer practice.  Take Tuesday, for example: She starts practice at 3 p.m. for kids ages 10 and younger for about an hour and half and then hurriedly takes a taxi and a bus to get out to Cumbaya.  Once there, she has her professional soccer practice for two hours, and then coaches the Cumbre Alta women’s soccer practice for an hour and a half.  At this point it’s 9 p.m. and time to take another bus and taxi back home and hope once again not to die or be robbed in the process of going home to her roommate. 

No day is really “typical” for a missionary, and Chelsey is no exception.  Throughout her day she feels a roller coaster of emotions, but most of the time she feels very at home in Quito because she can get around on her own and not get lost.  She feels very blessed to have people around her who care about her and very loved without deserving it.  However, there are times when she feels uncomfortable or discouraged.  Take for example when she must lead practice all in Spanish; she feels more uncomfortable and more tired than she would in States because it takes more energy to think and speak in a different language (but don’t let her fool you, she’s amazing at Spanish!).  She can have discouraging days when not a lot of people show up for practice and she feels like she must constantly prove herself with attendance and performance, but this isn’t what determines her worth or success and she has to remind herself of this.

While she loves her non-traditional job, she does have a favorite part and least, just like anyone else.  Her favorite part is hanging out with the girls from Cumbre Alta, getting to know them, building relationships with them and knowing what’s going on in their lives, which is what the ministry is all about.