By Chedel Beck

If you don’t know who Mabe and Fabi are by now, you should.  Everyone that comes to Quito, Ecuador and spends a night at Casa Blanca is impacted immensely by this couple and the hospitality they show and how they demonstrate Christ’s love. They have both been working with Inca Link for the past six years.  Fabi’s role in Inca Link is maintaining the house and tending to the teams that come through, as well as cooking everything.  Mabe’s role is the typist (putting all of the facturas (receipts) into the computer system) and helping out with the accounting for every ministry; she also keeps Casa Blanca orderly.

No days are very typical in Casa Blanca, but Mabe and Fabi did their best to give insight on a “typical” day when there are teams staying there.  First, they wake up at 6:30 a.m. and do devotions together. They then go down to the house and start setting up everything for breakfast at 7:40-ish a.m., and it’s complete chaos.  If there are interns, they have a lot of help with setting the table, making juice, and everything else that needs to be done.  Without interns, they have to go down to the house 45 minutes earlier.  They also have to figure out sack lunches, which interns can also help put together.   At 8:30 a.m., they serve breakfast and take turns going to the table to help serve and refill things.  If Fabi is cutting fruit or preparing something, Mabe is at the table.  If Fabi can be at the table, Mabe works on lunch or dinner.  At 9 a.m. she starts working on dinner until 11 a.m., and then goes into the office and works on accounting. She makes sure to talk to all the ministries to check that the information on their budget and the information on their facturas match up.  Then all of that information needs to be input into the computer.  She does that for four hours every day and is done around 4 p.m.  While Mabe is doing all of this, Fabi is usually running around buying more food for the team, fixing something, cooking, or cleaning.  If there are World Racers staying at Casa Blanca, Mabe doesn’t need to check on cleaning because they will do that; however, if there are teams without interns, she needs to start cleaning until 5 p.m. and then finish making dinner.  Mabe and Fabi set the table, clean the kitchen, and then serve dinner at 6:30 p.m.  If there are interns, they are in charge of the cleaning; if not, Mabe and Fabi start cleaning the kitchen until around 9 p.m. and then they can finally go home and try to rest.  If the team is bigger, they sometimes don’t get home until 11 p.m.

Both Mabe and Fabi normally feel that they need to rush during the day.  Mabe tries not to show that she is stressed out because it is not good for teams to see that they are running late.  Her face always says everything, so she’s been working on trying to hide this a little bit better.  Mabe always tries to remember everything from how many people are eating meals to the allergies people have so they can make meals that are filling for them.  If she is in the kitchen, she is thinking about the work she needs to do in the office. And if she is in the office, she is thinking that she needs to be cooking or cleaning.  She says it’s nice when the teams come back from the ministries; she always wants to talk to them and see how their day was.

Throughout the day, Fabi tends to worry about the teams needs, whatever they may be. Fabi’s goal at the beginning of the day is that they can be on time with the team and the team can leave with all the energy and nutrients they need.  He hopes they like the food and slept well and that the showers still have hot water and no one is sick.  He hopes the house is still clean and it doesn’t need deep cleaning.  He hopes God is showing himself to the team during the day and that the team can complete their goals and they can see God working in them and through them.  He also thanks God for helping him and surprising him when the team comes back and talks about their day.  Sometimes the team eats a lot and he doesn’t know if there’s going to be enough food, and then they pray and there’s just enough food left over for them to eat the next day.

“My favorite part of my job is being in the kitchen with Fabi and doing a good thing for people,” Mabe said.  “It is really cool for me when the teams see “weird” foods and don’t think they will like them but they try it and do like it.”

Fabi’s favorite part of his job is when the people feel at home, they feel that God is speaking to them and they tell you how God is changing their lives here.  His least favorite part of his job is seeing people not let God work in them and when people don’t feel at home in Casa Blanca, as his and Mabe’s goal is to make teams feel like Casa Blanca is their home away from home.