Adam Bannister's Ministry





In the remote mountain Village of Chiminisijuan, The Lord has opened doors for Inca Link Missionary, Adam Bannister, to begin a weekly children’s program. Every week, 40-60 patients come to an outreach clinic in Chiminisijuan to seek medical attention and bring their children along with them because they are too young to stay at home. Most of these kids are 8 years of age or younger, and when seeing the kids wait for several hours while their parents see the physicians, the Lord placed the idea on Adam’s heart to begin a program for them. During the first several weeks, 1-3 kids would come hear the Bible stories and participate in the games and activities. However, at the end of December 2021, the Lord started moving and bringing the little children to him. Weekly, 15-25 kids come and participate in the program and about half of them are kids who are returning weekly! During this time, the kids are taught Bible stories, have the opportunity to participate in the Bible lesson activities, and of course fútbol!

In this region of Guatemala, the Mayan culture is extremely reserved and quiet. It takes time for people to open up, especially the kids who are not used to any foreigner engaging with them. On average, when these kids are 5 years of age or older, they begin to help their parents with daily tasks (taking care of siblings, farming, etc.). Therefore, it has been an incredible blessing to provide a space where they can just be kids again. The Lord has been working in mighty ways every week to break down these walls and is constantly blessing this time with immense joy and laughter.

Worship Ministry

Within the Hospital of Adonai International Ministries, Adam Bannister has been serving as a prayer and worship leader, and teaching classes to raise worship leaders within the valley of Canilla. Weekly there are several times of worship where Adam’s students are given the opportunity to put into practice what they are learning. Students are learning how to play instruments (piano, guitar, cajón), sing, and learn what it means to worship and lead others in worship. During these times of worship, both missionary staff and locals are given the opportunity to use their gifts/love of music, and also intercede for those around them.