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Inca Link International
P.O. Box 1321
Boone, NC  28607


phone & e-mail:


Have general questions about Inca Link or our sponsorship programs?  Contact Olivia at:

Olivia Jones | Communications Manager & Sponsorship Coordinator | 434.477.3821 |

Are you interested in an internship or bringing a short-term team?  Contact Lindsey at:

Lindsey Fisher | Team & Intern Coordinator | 850.543.8171 |

Need help with donations or have questions about finances?  Contact Nicole at:

Nicole Higgins | Associate Director of Finances | 828.964.2088 |

To contact the founders and leaders of our organization, you can reach the Browns at:

Rich and Elisa Brown | President & Alliance Missionaries |

Not sure who to reach?  E-mail and we will put you in contact with the right person.

You can meet the rest of the team here.