Preparing youth to serve as missionaries in the jungles of Ecuador has allowed us to get to know their stories, many of which are fraught with suffering and sorrow. Broken homes, abuse, and poverty are common themes. Staying alive is the focus, daring to dream of an education is a luxury few dare to indulge in. Each of our students at the Ninawachi Mission School are required to pay $300 and the remaining $700 of the actual yearly cost we are raising through crops that we are growing on campus, short term team offerings, English lessons, and student scholarships (click here to give). We know that it is a miracle for each one of our students to be able to study here. We thank God for their lives and their calling. We wish you could meet each one of our students, but let us share the brief life story of Alejandro, a 25 year old from the Province of Morona Santiago.

Alejandro Ninawachi

Alejandro had just been attending his uncle’s church for a few weeks when he approached him and said, “I would like to learn how to preach and teach the Bible.” His uncle had been to a conference where he had learned about Ninawachi and put him in contact with us.

Alejandro has been a believer for about three years. He is a native Shuar and grew up in the Southern jungle of Ecuador. The pain in his life had kept him angry with God and only recently has he found peace.

When he was six years old he discovered a cluster of frog eggs along the river where he was bathing and brought them back to his mother to cook for lunch. His three year old brother and five year old sister ate with him. Ten minutes later his three year old brother became sick and thirty minutes later he died as the eggs were poisonous. Three days later his five year old sister died. An American doctor serving in the area was able to help save Alejandro although he was sick for several months.

Later at the age of eighteen his live in girlfriend gave birth to a baby girl. Six months later his girlfriend left him and returned to her family telling him that she didn’t like him anymore. He could only be with his daughter for a few hours each Friday. After seeing her once a week for two years, one Friday he arrived to visit his daughter and learned that she had fallen from the second floor and was coughing up blood. He rushed her to the hospital two hours away but she died thirty minutes after arriving there. In tears, he wrapped her in a blanket and held her in his arms on the long trip back to his father’s farm where they buried her.

He was so bitter he didn’t want to hear anything about the Lord. Years later his uncle who is a pastor visited him and shared the gospel. The Lord softened his hardened heart so that he received him as his Lord and Savior.

Today Alejandro is an amazing prayer warrior and is devouring the word of God and we see that God will use him in a wonderful way. He is growing day by day and we pray that when he graduates in two years he will be used of the Lord to impact the lives of many.