copy-interns-header.jpgHave you ever wondered what interns are saying in their reviews about their experience as an intern? We want you to know.  Well, Frannie, a recent intern has given us permission do just that. See what Frannie has to say in her intern evaluation below.

Your Name
Frannie Richardson
Which country did you serve in? *
Date of Arrival * Wednesday, September 11, 2013
Have you had time to reflect on your internship? If so, what are some of your initial thoughts? *
My internship in Ecuador was an experience I will literally never forget. It was perhaps some of the best three months of my life. I learned so so much about myself and about God’s character. I learned a lot about serving and being a servant and it is something I hope to incorporate into my daily life for the rest of my life. I fell in love with the people of Ecuador and the people of Inca Link.
What was the best part of the internship? *
The best part of my internship was definitely the people. First of all the Inca Link crew is incredible. Mabe and Fabian love on you as an intern in a way I will never forget. They literally stole my heart. The people I was serving with and alongside also made my experience what it was. Casa Elizabeth was definitely a family to me and the relationships with the girls and Pauli and Giovanni are some of my most precious memories. In addition to this the women from the prison and the women from Alma Libre were key people in my internship. I just loved hanging out with them sharing Jesus’ love with them and hearing their stories.
What was the least favorite part of the internship? *
I was a bit homesick at points and felt pretty helpless being so far from home and in a different time zone and all that. So that was something I had to deal with, but I think it was a good thing in the end because it totally pushed me out of my comfort zone. And it led me closer to God and just helped me to desire Him more, so it was a growing experience.
Were your expectations of an internship met? *
accomodations *
rooms/beds *
food quality and quantity *
transportation *
translators *
Did you feel well prepared for the internship when you arrived? *
Was Kayla Stevens helpful in preparing you for your internship? How could she have been a greater help? *
She was absolutely awesome. She was always on top of my questions, and always available to chat and help me with last minute things. It was awesome having someone who had just done their internship give help. She was also incredibly encouraging and I know she prays for all the interns before they go and while they are there. She is doing an exceptional job!
Who was your direct supervisor? *
Rich and Elisa Brown
Was your supervisor helpful? How could they have been a greater help? *
The Browns are so awesome. I loved all the time we got to spend with them. Though they were traveling here and there they were so good with checking in on us interns and were always ready to listen to where we were at and were so genuinely caring about us. I really appreciate them, and tuesday nights at their house were always much looked forward to. They made me feel at home.
Were there other staff/missionaries helping out with your internship? Were they helpful? How could they have been a greater help?
I saw most of the Inca Link Ecuador crew a fair amount, especially all those living in Quito. Everyone was awesome and made me feel like family.
What were your 5 goals and were they accopmplished? *
I am not sure if I remember them all perfectly but I think they were grow closer to God, get to know the people I am serving and their stories (make solid relationships), have something significantly different about me (I want to be changed), I wanted my creative project to be something I was super passionate about, and I dont remember the last one but it might have been about getting better at spanish. And I honestly think I did meet all these goals at least in one way, like I am not unsatisfied with my internship in any way.
What was one thing you learned about missions during your internship? *
It is all about relationships with those you are serving!
What was one thing you learned about God during your internship?*
God uses the weak to glorify Him, he just wants us to be willing, and He will use us!
What was one thing you learned about yourself during your internship? *
I think I want to be a missionary :O for real though I feel very called to South America and I dont know exactly what God has for me in the future, but this is what I think He is telling me!
How has your life changed since you’ve been back home in regards to your internship?
What fruit are you seeing/would like to see in your life? *
I think I have really learned to serve others in my daily life. Like I really feel like I took that away, just in the little things. I learned to love to help people, like genuinely It is something that brings me joy now!
Do you feel that your time was well spent? *
Do you feel that the finances were well spent? *
Would you recommend an internship with Inca Link to others?*
How could Inca Link serve you and your church/school better in the future? *
I don’t think I really have any suggestions in this. I came originally to Ecuador with my school and the trip was awesome, I hope they keep sending teams.
I would like more information regarding: * Inca Link Ministries

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