copy-ecuador-log-header.jpgWe continue to get great reviews in from our interns of their experience working in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia.  Here is another one I am excited to share with you.


Your Name
Samantha Richardson
Which country did you serve in? *
Date of Arrival * Friday, July 18, 2014
Have you had time to reflect on your internship? If so, what are some of your initial thoughts? *
It was so good to be surrounded by Christians…true Christians that were there to serve and be a light in South America. I loved my experience in the jungle and learned so much about God and about myself.
What was the best part of the internship? *
Really? How do I choose one thing? Um…all of it…? I loved the jungle lifestyle. The quiet time. The prayer time. The focused work of everyone there. The community. It refreshed my soul.
What was the least favorite part of the internship? *
Even though it was what I sort of came to do, my least favorite part was teaching English. I loved the students and am still connected through social media with them but really didn’t enjoy teaching English. However, it wasn’t terrible and the idea was to plant seeds and open doors and I think God did that through me there. Teaching English meant going to Loreto which also kept me somewhat connected to more people which probably made my transition back to a big city a little easier.
Were your expectations of an internship met? *
accomodations *
rooms/beds *
food quality and quantity *
transportation *
translators *
Did you feel well prepared for the internship when you arrived? *
Was Kayla Stevens helpful in preparing you for your internship? How could she have been a greater help? *
I love Kayla! She and I are going to be friends for a long time. I knew it the first time we talked over the phone. I love that she gave me simple support in huge ways. She focused on what was important in the moment and never overwhelmed me. I feel like I should come up with a way she could’ve been a greater help but I’ve sat here three minutes and have come up with nothing. Kayla’s awesome.
Who was your direct supervisor? *
Mark and Cheryl Shafer
Was your supervisor helpful? How could they have been a greater help? *
Mark was really helpful. He gave me the information I needed and let me be jump in and figure out where God really wanted me and what His plan was for my time in the jungle. He also led me to Dana and Dana was not just a HUGE help but became a really great friend.
Were there other staff/missionaries helping out with your internship? Were they helpful? How could they have been a greater help?
Jim and Ulises but we barely passed by each other. During the time I was there, they were visiting a lot of communities so they helped with what they could while we were in the same place at the same time. 🙂
What were your 5 goals and were they accopmplished? *
This is a hard question because I feel like I came to Ecuador blindly. It was what God wanted me to do and not what I actually wanted to do. With that said, I didn’t have a lot of goals but knew God would guide me and He did.
What was one thing you learned about missions during your internship? *
It’s okay to go at something as a lone Christian (like a random volunteer experience) but it’s a million times better being a part of a team of Christians that God has in the same place at the same time.
What was one thing you learned about God during your internship? *
He honors His promises. He’s jealous for our time. That’s two :/
What was one thing you learned about yourself during your internship? *
I learned that I need to spend more quiet time with God and more time in prayer. Now that I’m back in the States, I’ve literally had days where I feel nervous about everything. I’ve questioned what I’m doing and where I am. Then I sit down and spend a few hours with God (they go so fast now, seriously) and I feel so much better. I love that I’m more in tune with the Lord than ever before. I know I used to be selfish with my time but wow, how much different I feel when I’m one with Him. My doubts and fears just disappear.
How has your life changed since you’ve been back home in regards to your internship?
What fruit are you seeing/would like to see in your life? *
I’ve left the country a bunch of times so I kind of know what to expect coming back but this time something weird happened. I was looking for pajamas and felt like I was looking at clothing that wasn’t mine. I have this urge to get rid of all of my clothing. Like now. I know I need to keep them another year for teaching and then after that, I can be a minimalist again but the clothes don’t feel like mine at all. As for fruits I’m seeing, my heart has had more of a desire to serve and to be a better friend and to find a group of peers to pray with on a regular basis.
Do you feel that your time was well spent? *
Do you feel that the finances were well spent? *
Would you recommend an internship with Inca Link to others? *
How could Inca Link serve you and your church/school better in the future? *
I’m just really praying my life connects with Inca Link in the future. I’ve definitely been called to the mission field full time and right now, I’m feeling called to Colombia. Maybe I’ll be able to help organize a trip of some sort with my church here in Minnesota, who knows. We’ll see what God has planned for my time here this year. Inca Link is great.