April was full of exciting events and lasting memories.    IMG_6086
To have a special time with the teens for Easter, we went to my mother-in-laws house to eat lunch and watch a movie.
The next day we arranged clothing donations by sizes and the next day, we handed it all out. Almost everyone walked away with 2 bags of things!

The Elim team has been so faithfully volunteering one or two times a week, so to show our appreciation, we had a special dinner just for them and it was a time of sharing and thanking them for their service to the Lord.

gamesWe had the opportunity to take the 6-8 & 9-11 classes out for a ‘field-trip’ which was much enjoyed. We played games in groups, played on the playground, ate lunch, and swam in the pool.  Angie, on the left in the pool, remember going with us to this place 3 years ago, so she was excited to return when we told her. I tried to teach a few of them how to swim.
Stephany and Monica, the teachers of the 6-8 & 9-11 classes, are starting to disciple their students that want to know more about the Bible. This brings so much joy to our hearts to see these children with a desire to know more about the Word of God!

Also, this past month, two of the teens in my class received Jesus peaceas their Lord and Savior, which is very encouraging. Please keep them in your prayers as they have much baggage to give over to God.

As summer approaches quickly, I’ve been busy planning out things for the teams and interns that are coming down for a time during their vacation. Pray if this opportunity is for you and your church.

Thanks again for taking time to keep up to date. We are thankful for the prayers and financial help and encouragement you have all participated in, we are grateful. Remember, in all you do: He lives.

kneel often and stand strong,
Brent & Stephany