Brandon FairWho am I?  I think that’s a question that we all are trying to discover throughout our lives.  My childhood was one surrounded by the church, but like everyone with this type of childhood I came to a place where I had to decide who was going to be Lord of my heart.  I had to take all my head knowledge about the Bible and actually apply it to my life.  The decision was actually quite simple for me… I began to watch my friends go off to college, rebel against their parents, and reject the Jesus they once claimed to believe in.  I made a promise then and there that no matter how hard life became I would choose Jesus, because it all boils down to that this Jesus the son of God looked out over those gathered to watch him die, and he saw me and you.  He actually looked into the future and saw the hearts of every person past, present, and future and willingly gave his life so we could be free.  It’s so beautiful I can’t help but cry…  Fast-forwarding through 4 years of seeing God’s faithfulness in college I find myself in Ecuador answering God’s call in the jungle through Inca Link.  Looking back now I can see how that one decision to let Jesus control my life has allowed him to surpass my wildest dreams.

His mission for my life has brought me to the small village of Huaticocha, helping to build a mission’s school for spreading the gospel to people who need to hear it.  Every week we work on the school and also read bible stories, sing songs, and pray with the kids in the community.  I learned in college to not place expectations on God, but just to let his Spirit work.  When a short-term team came from Washington, we saw about 25 people come to Christ just in one community, and the power of the Holy Spirit was firmly established.  I think God lead me to serve in Huaticocha, because he knows exactly what romances my heart.  He knows each of us far more then we even know ourselves.  Truth is, it’s hard being in another country far from everything you know, learning a new language, and surrendering everything to God, but we also weren’t created to be comfortable, but to glorify our Lord.  God has blessed me with a heart that enjoys mystery, and waiting in anticipation for what he’s going to do.

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Who am I?  I’m just a simple guy who loves God’s creation, His people, and who would much rather be genuine and raw then put a mask on to cover up his problems.  I simply say yes to God and let him do the rest, because he more then earned my trust when turned his back on his son, so he could open his arms for me.  If you are feeling God tugging on your heart at all to take a risk for his name I encourage you to not hesitate in answering.  I think a line from one of my rap songs says it perfectly, “Passive soldiers freeze up, so scared to die, they never get the chance to set their feet across enemy lines.”  If you desire to gaze into my time as an intern, please read mine or other’s blog posts.
Here’s my blog link for my current time in Ecuador:  I am updating it every 2 weeks for my church family back home, but would love for it to serve as a blessing to you. 🙂
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