“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” –Genesis 1:1

I was recently teaching my students about how God created Adam and Eve. I explained to them how God breathed life into Adam. I showed them that as hard as I tried I could never breath life into my play dough and make it well… alive.

The next day one of my students came to me and was like, “Miss Howlett it’s just so cool. Its just so cool that God breathed life into me.” Sometimes I forget how cool it is that I am alive, walking, talking, and breathing because a great creator humbled himself and made me and filled me with breath. My student was just in awe of God’s sweet gift of life, of creating him…. How I have forgotten to value and take joy in the breaths that God has given me each day.

As I look at my new students, I sometimes find myself amazed at how cute they are but also find myself longing for my old class. I am a pretty nostalgic person at times, but God is a God full of peace and assurance. God has given me breath in this very moment to speak truth into the lives of my new 14 kiddos. Is it alright for me to long for my old kiddos? Sure but it’s not okay to do so without love for my new students because of my selfish longings.

Something God has been teaching me (me the most emotional person ever) is that God’s love is constant… Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard that one before… But think about it. When someone spits on you, or is rude to you, a little bit of your love towards them changes shape. Isn’t it amazing that God, my God doesn’t change His love for me despite my fickle emotional ways! I want to have that love for others; I want to take that love into my classroom. I want to share that love with the parents that pester or overwhelm… I want to be constant in the love I share… So as I am filled with the breath of Christ I pray that as I breath in, I breath in His love, and exhale that love all around!

-Mandi Howlett