The children had a Christmas program called “Brillando” which means shinning. A key question they would ask the kids is: How are you doing? and the children would respond: SHINNING! Well, the program was such a success (300+ kids), that they planned a follow-up children’s camp. They asked me to be a “hero,” who would speak to the children about life experiences and the decision to accept Jesus Christ their heart. This would be an awesome opportunity to speak Spanish in public and to share my testimony about how Jesus changed my life.

I shared about my “World Race” adventure and the things that God had taught me. And also shared about the most important decision in my life, which was the decision to accept Jesus into my heart. That decision changed my whole life course, because now, I’m not focused on me, I’m focused on Him. The children also asked me a few other questions about my travels, and many of the questions I was able to relate back to God and the things that He has done. It was such a wonderful experience and I’m excited to continue being an example to these children and taking opportunities to teach them about what God has taught me.