Correcting a big mistakeOur family has grown!

Even though we have been International workers for 22 years, we still make mistakes. We are still learning. One of the larger mistakes we made this term was not writing newsletters. We thought social media was enough. Because of this decision, we missed out! On hearing from you, keeping you in the loop, and general prayer support. We apologize. This term, we commit to keeping in touch via newsletters.

Terrific Tuesdays

The good news is that Rich, every week or 2, sends out a Terrific Tuesday update. Here we highlight certain ministries of Inca Link, and give you our highs and lows for the week. If you haven’t been getting these and are interested, let us know, and we will add you to the list!

Home Assignment

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times! Although we loved seeing old friends, visiting lots of new churches, catching up with old churches, listening to great sermons and wonderful music, enjoying the heat, and finally being in the same country as all our kids…this was the first home assignment where we felt like strangers, foreigners. We got a lot done, but we are glad to be back home!

The family

A LOT has changed in one term, let me tell you!

  • Olivia graduated from the Alliance Academy, and left us here while she got a double major Mishaylain Journalism and Spanish at Liberty University in Virginia.
  • Mishayla (spelling it the way it is pronounced) was the next to leave us and move to Texas, where she studies Sociology with a minor in Psychology at Texas A&M.
  • With four of us left in Ecuador, we were just getting adjusted when Josiah graduated high school and then on our Josiahhome assignment left for Toccoa Falls College to pursue a career in Sports Management, which he later changed to Early Childhood Education.
  • At the same time, our family of 6 became a family of 7.. thanks to the addition of Olivia’s husbandMark & Olivia Mark Jones! Yes, you read that right, we actually have a married kid! Mark is a wonderful man and we are thankful to have him in the family. They were married on August 8th, 2015 and just moved to Maryland because of Mark’s job.
  • Mishayla is in her last year at A&M and would love to return to Peru and work with our children’s programs there.

So, we are now 3 in Ecuador. Alexa is so happy to be back and in 10th grade. We weren’t in the country 6 hours before she was playing volleyball with her friends. So, here we are back in Ecuador and have hit the ground running! We found a great place to live that is walking distance from the school. It is an uphill climb, but that just saves us from getting a gym membership! We have a pretty Alexafireplace in the living room, and a tiny porch that we sit out on every morning to read the Bible and pray. It’s is such a pretty apartment, I didn’t have to paint or anything! Often we can see one or more snowcapped mountains, which of course is inspiring. We’ve already had some great ideas out there! Most importantly we have a guest room that we can’t wait to share with you. Please come see us. For those of you interested in partnering with us, or coming to serve with our short term teams, or sponsoring one of our children that we take care of that live in the garbage dumps of Peru, Ecuador or Colombia get on Inca Link was founded by us, with the blessing of the Alliance. If you want to give to our support you can give through your local Christian and Missionary Alliance church, or go on the CMA website. Finally, we need $3,500 more to finish paying off our car. If you want to help us pay off the car please mark your check Brown’s Vehicle Fund to the C&MA in the U.S. Thank you all so much for keeping us in your hearts and prayers all these years! We are so grateful to you, to God, to the Alliance for taking such good care of our family. We are blessed!

Keep praying for: Good connections with people. Wisdom as we decide what to invest our time in. Our Inca Link team. Our Alliance churches here in Latin America. Envision Latin America and all the Site Coordinators. A major prayer request is for Ecuador. The earthquake that hit in April was devastating and we are still getting strong tremors. On Sunday, we were with church leaders and pastors and we had one of the strongest tremors I’ve ever experienced. As I hang things up on my wall, for the first time I find myself thinking about how to secure things in such a way as to not fall in a tremor. There are many of our friends who are dealing with trauma from the earthquake and these tremors make healing even harder.

Speaking of mistakes… we (really me) made some bad choices in packing! I didn’t bring any peanut butter back, or chocolate chips, or baking soda! What? I didn’t even bring some of my favorite chocolate back. I did however pack enough hair dye and Christmas lights to last until the end of time! FAIL!

Corban is alive and well! We had a wonderful summer tour in the States, even enjoying the honor of Corbanbeing at Life and playing a fun, hot, Latin rhythm concert! We are so thankful to all the churches that invited us to share in their communities. You encourage us to keep ministering despite so many obstacles. Keep praying for the band, that we will stay true to our missionary calling and reach many people! We have a lot of new videos and a brand new CD. Check us out on YouTube and iTunes! We are planning a tour in Chile coming up, so we will keep you up to date!