by Renae Bryans

Dear friends,

So many emotions as we left our life in Ecuador to return to Texas…  We praise God that we got to live in Quito, Ecuador for over 4 years – our lives have been forever changed.  Our last three weeks in Ecuador and our first three weeks back in Texas were some of the most difficult times, yet also encouraging times for our family.  Saying goodbyes are never easy – we left such wonderful friends who had become our family, our beloved Inca Link team, and many children and youth who we had the honor of sharing our lives together.  During those goodbyes, we realized how deep and special each relationship is and how thankful we are for our time in Ecuador.  As we came back to Tyler, we were greeted with such love and care by our family and friends who we had deeply missed when living in Ecuador.  At that moment, I understood what it meant to have two homes.  Ecuador will forever be a part of our lives and once an Inca Linker, always an Inca Linker.

How are we doing?  At this moment we are doing okay.  Molly is in first grade at Andy Woods Elementary and is doing great.  She loves school and has made some precious

Bryans Kids in Texas

friends.  An added bonus is that she got placed in the same classroom with a dear life long friend who is like a sister to her.  One thing Molly was looking forward to in “the States” was getting to take gymnastics.  Well, she has started and smiles during the whole class each week!

Jordan is in fifth grade at Andy Woods Elementary and has adjusted beautifully.  He enjoys his classes, loves his teachers, and has already made some friends.  Jordan is very happy in his new school and was even presented last week an award for the character quality of “responsibility”.  His picture is on the wall in the front of the school!  For a child who does not like change, he is doing great.
Luke is in 7th grade at Hubbard Middle School and as of last week, he is doing much better.  He had a rough start – going into a middle school of 900 students and only knowing one person is pretty intimidating.  His first day of school was horrible, and he came home very sad and discouraged.  That same terrible day as we prayed together, he prayed, “Lord, you know I did not like school today, but thank you that I get to go to school.  I know there are many kids who never get to go to school, so thank you”.  We can learn so much from our children!    I am happy to report that he is now enjoying school, has made some friends, and is undefeated in the Spanish verb drill contest:)
Casey has a job with Encompass and is back in the physical therapy world.  I have been working to get us settled into our home.   T-Bone, our sweet street dog from Ecuador, did well on the flights and is having a blast chasing the squirrels in our backyard.
Casey and I begin our fostering classes on January 3 and are excited about what the Lord has planned for our family.  With all the changes in our lives, we are thankful that our God remains the same and that His love is unfailing and that He will never leave us.  Thanks for praying for us – we are so thankful for each one of you.
Much love,