A chocolatada is another word for: Christmas party, choco1but there are a few different things. Well, we have hot chocolate, the same, but remember: we are in the southern hemisphere, which means it’s summer and we are in the middle of a desert. The other odd things is that we eat fruitcake, but it’s not like your grandmother makes, it’s actually really good! It’s a GIANT, massive, fluffy cupcake with little artificial fruit gummies throughout it.

Well, we had a few of these for the children, but I have a few pictures from the one we had at Elim. What a blessing it was! An organization desired to help us out, so they brought all the food and gifts! We made the program, full of songs about Jesus, specials from each class, and Steph gave a message about the real gift, and what that gift meant for us: salvation. What an amazing time it was and I’m so excited to see the fruit that comes from this event. Thanks for your prayers and help!choco2choco3