Courtney Weber 1Hi! My name is Courtney Weber, and I’m currently in my first year at Elon University in North Carolina. After graduating high school in 2012, I took a gap year to intern with Inca Link for about eight months. I had felt God call me to South America when I was 15, and most of my high school career was spent anxiously awaiting the day I would finally get on a plane to Ecuador. When I began my internship with Inca Link, I had almost no idea what my life would look like. I had a tentative plan to spend half of my time in Ecuador and half of my time in Peru, but I didn’t know where I would live or what ministries I would work with. I flew into Quito in August of 2012, met up with a few other lovely interns and enjoyed two weeks of fellowship with them in Casa Blanca. And then I felt God nudge me to live with a family in Portoviejo, a small city on the coast. I lived with the most wonderful family for a few months and worked closely with the church’s youth group. Those months included several trips to nearby villages, back to visit Quito, and a trip to Hauticocha. In January, I moved to Peru, where I lived until May. I spent time working with all of the ministries in Trujillo, but my main priority was teaching English in the daycare. I absolutely fell in love with everything about South America while I was there, and I’m dying to go back. Working with Inca Link changed my life, and God taught me more than I ever would have imagined.  


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