earthquake-3We want to thank people for all of the donations that we received of food and money to get this work done. The food items were distributed to the following places off the coast of Ecuador where the earthquake was the hardest:

• Pedernales: 50 Boxes
• Chamanga: 500 Boxes, We have 800 children that are in this place.
• Bahia: 250 Boxes
• 24 de Mayo: 50 Boxesearthquake-4
• Atacames: 50 Boxes
• Portoviejo: 400 Boxes
• Manta: 200 Boxes

Thank God that we were able to put together some kits of food from our Ecuadorian brothers
and sisters and with that add to the food that was donated – the Mana Packs. There still is a need in several housing developments, thank the Lord that our churches have given large donations that are helping us cover those needs – please keep praying for us. earthquake-6Again we thanks God for you and for your generosity. With gratitude in our hearts we say thanks and be blessed.


Percy Figueredo
Luna Youth Pastor of Templo Metropolitana Alianza
Project Director of Inca Link Ecuador of Portoviejo 7.8 Day Care Center


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