12105757_1665310547045764_155468944330214622_nIt was assumed that after the summer months, things would slow down, but God always has a way of surprising us!

In September an intern, Meredith, came down to paint a mural. She painted a wonderful description of Elim and the vision we have. Exodus 15:27 came alive in a much more creative way than we thought!

In October my dad, my two friends Danielle and Joe, and a team from Ohio came down. It DSCF0263was a wonderful time to see my dad and for allowing him to use his profession to bless Elim, and there is light! Thanks to the donations and help of many people, we now have a generator that powers Elim. Danielle and Joe also spent much time with the children, teaching them biblical values while painting. Also, thanks for all the material donations that you have given. Little by little we distribute it to the faithful attenders and each time they express their gratefulness. It’s abounded so much that they are also providing for the needs of others, praise the Lord!

As attendance grows, the need for volunteers also grows, and the Lord has provided a few new helpers that have been a much needed blessing to the teachers in their classes.

12184191_1668959686680850_7435582400701345161_oNovember 15 was our first wedding anniversary! We have had a wonderful year together, thanks to the grace of God. Our love has also been an encouragement to our friends and people we are ministering to, as our marriage can be an example of Christ to the church, which is the focus according to Eph. 5: 21-33.
We also celebrated Stephany’s birthday on the 21st!

Our Tuesday and Friday afternoon classes for the children are really taking form while their mothers make bracelets. We are teaching Bible stories, reading, math, and art to the older students, while Biblical values, numbers, letters, and art to the younger ones.

Continue to pray for Steph and I as we study Biblical training. We are excited 12191888_1668959520014200_6761094778271939103_nabout the idea of a church building in El Milagro and the things God can do by having a pastor and congregation. Also, pray for a place that Steph and I can call home, as we cannot stay in our current apartment for much longer.
We love you and are thankful for you taking the time to read about what God is doing and are also thankful for your continued prayers and support.
kneel often and stand strong,
Brent & Steph