This month went quickly and praise the Lord for all that He has done!lunch our house
I have continued teaching English classes and it is amazing how quickly the students are learning. They will be starting school soon and we are hoping that we can continue to have these classes.
Since I am now teaching the teens every week, Steph and I have also been spending more time with them. We took them to church, then came to our house for lunch, and then spent some time at the park. Then before Valentines day [in Peru it’s known as “friendship day”] we all met up at their house and cooked lunch and then went to the pool for the day, they IMG_5824LOVED it! Also for the 14th, Steph’s class wrote things they were thankful for and it was a powerful time. With the teens, we also had a sports day and we quickly noticed who the competitive ones are. At each of these ‘out of class’ experiences, we are intentional about discipling them and encouraging them through the Word of God. We realize that it is a process, but praise the Lord for all He has done already!
Update about a territory: continue to pray that God would guide us to a plot of land that we can use to build.
There are a few chicken that are now sitting on the eggs, praise the Lord!
Another praise: I GOT MY VISA! Another adventure, but by the grace of God, I now have it 🙂
After 2 years, the printer decided to give up. It was Friday and I could not print out the papers for Saturday. On Monday, I was planning to look for another printer and on Monday morning, we got a call from a friend that had donations from her job. They had a printer that works: praise God!

We also had a nurse come speak to the adults and then the children about first aid. What a blessing this knowledge can be.
Thanks for your prayers and blessings, may the Lord guide you and give you opportunities to glorify the name of our Father. grace and peace
kneel often and stand strong,
Brent & Steph