I’m finally here in Trujillo, Peru. It’s been a long wait, but a good, growing wait where the Lord continued to mold me in more ways that I could have imagined.

Now of course there was still plenty to do at home: more people I wanted to meet with, more things I wanted to say and do, but would that have ever stopped? I think not, because there would always have been something more to do at home. So with peace and faith, I stepped onto the airplane and here I am.

What a blessing it was to see how all the ministries have grown. Tkidshe garbage dump ministry has 5 new classrooms and a soccer court, the Wednesday afternoon program has also spread to Tuesday, discipleship has started through sand-boarding, skim-boarding, and mount-boarding, the kitchen is done in the orphanage, and the daycare is building more classrooms on the seconds floor! PHEW! It is incredible what has happened in the past 6 months…now just imagine what will happen in the next 6!

There are a lot of little things to do in the next few weeks, so keep me in your prayers as I begin to settle-down and make this place my home.