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We have a variety of options for volunteers who are wanting to serve with Inca Link.


Interns (individuals)
If you are looking for a hands-on experience in missions, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Inca Link interns connect with ministries and lead teams.
Join Ministry – Inca Link provides you with the opportunity to connect deeply with a ministry and invest your time and energy into serving the people on the mission field. During non-summer months, interns are able to fully dive into a ministry.
Lead Teams – Explore your leadership skills and missions through leading short-term teams to different ministry sites, debrief sessions and construction projects with site leaders. The majority of teams come during the summer, but there are some teams that need leading throughout the rest of the year as well.
Give Skills & Experience – Do you have a particular set of skills?  Inca Link can cater internships for you to use your skills in business, counseling, construction, sports, parenting, etc. to have a significant impact in ministry.  Talk to us about this possibility.


Link Year (individuals)
Are you a high school senior who is unsure if starting college next year is right for you?
Are you a college student who needs a break?
Are you a college senior who is searching for what the Lord has for you next?
If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Inca Link wants to invite you to take a Link Year and join us in reaching the least of these. Our Linkers serve for 9 months in 3 different countries.  Through serving a Link Year, we believe you will learn about how the Lord has wired you and where He may be calling you to next.  So, take a break from school or work and come serve!


Teams (groups or families)
Short-term teams offer the unique opportunity to accomplish a lot in little time. Partner alongside the local church and Inca Link staff in South America to help bring years of vision and labor to fruition.


Missionaries (long-term service)
Do you feel God calling you to full-time missions in South America? Come down, assess the needs, work in your passions and be amazed as God works in and through you! We need help in reaching the 300 million youth in Latin America. If you are interested in serving with Inca Link in one of our current countries, or starting in a new one, let us know!


Not coming to serve, but to visit?
If you are a personal traveler who is visiting Inca Link outside of a team or intern structure, please:

  • Get permission to come and make sure your visit is unofficial in nature by communicating with the contact you know who you are visiting.
  • Donate $250 directly to the ministry that you are visiting when you are there.
  • Pay for all transportation, food, housing, and other expenses your visit may incur.

If you are not coming to serve as an official volunteer, it is important to note that your expenses need to be paid for personally by you as you cannot send money to cover your expenses through Inca Link International.  As a nonprofit, Inca Link cannot fund personal travel.  Also, you are not protected by Inca Link insurance policies and emergency plans.
Please note, if you are not coming as an official volunteer, please realize that Inca Link workers and staff may not be able to accommodate you. Their primary focus needs to be the ministries for which they are responsible.  Our workers in the field are often friendly to a fault and will want to accommodate you even if it is not convenient.  Please be wary of this.
If you would like your visit to be a blessing to Inca Link, please come in an official volunteer capacity with Inca Link (see intern and team volunteer opportunities).  Inca Link is focused on helping without hurting and has worked hard to design its official short-term missions to do that.




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