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Ecuador offers three different types of working environments: urban, rural, and extreme. Each option partners with local church and/or local Inca Link ministries to help fulfill a need or complete a project goal with the hope of establishing a platform to share the Gospel.  When a community witnesses a group sacrificing their time and energy to serve them, conversations are had, relationships are built, hearts are opened, and lives are transformed forever.

trip costs and fees

  • Group fee per person for 10 days: $990*
  • Airfare: purchased on your own

*Group fee includes ground transportation, room, board and ministry experience. If a trip extends longer than the dates listed a charge of $50/person/day will be charged. A $500 non-refundable deposit for the total trip cost is due upon registration.

ministry opportunities

In Ecuador there are many ministry opportunities in three main locations: Quito, Manta and Huaticocha. These sites give three very different experiences: urban, rural or extreme.

Quito (Urban)
In Quito, your team will get a wide variety of ministry opportunities and a city experience.  Some of the opportunities include serving indigenous churches in and around Quito, working at a home for special needs kids, serving an after school program for at-risk street kids, working with pregnant teens (Casa Elizabeth) and a sports ministry (Cumbre Alta) to name a few. On your tourist day you may also get to travel to the center of the earth!

Manta/ Portoviejo (Rural)
Manta is a beautiful city on the coast of Ecuador, with Portoviejo just down the road. In Manta, your primary ministry will be helping launch a brand new ministry called Bonsai, which is an after-school program for children of at-risk families. In Portoviejo, your primary ministry will be serving Portoviejo 7.8, a garbage dump ministry named after the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that rocked the Ecuadorian coast in 2016. In Portoviejo, you will also likely have the chance to partner with a sports ministry that is active and thriving. While your team will be placed at either Manta or Portoviejo, we like teams to serve one day at the other location to see how God is working just down the road!

Huaticocha (Extreme)
Huaticocha is our most “extreme” ministry site since it is in a remote location in the jungle.  Teams going to Huaticocha will have the opportunity to see the recently built and opened missionary school called Ninawachi. They will work in construction projects to improve and maintain the school. Constructing and planting a large garden of local crops for Ninawachi will also be a focus. There may also be potential evangelism opportunities to local indigenous people who have never heard the gospel since Ninawachi is a launching point for outreach to surrounding towns and villages.

trip dates

Trips are available most anytime during non-summer months.  During the summer we ask teams to fall into one of these blocks:


  • Block 1: June 1 – 10, 2018
  • Block 2: June 15 – 24, 2018
  • Block 3: June 29 – July 8, 2018
  • Block 4: July 13 – 22, 2018
  • Block 5: July 27  – Aug. 5, 2018

*please email us if you are interested in bringing a team on dates that are not listed.

reserve your spot

In order to get your team on the Inca Link calendar and the registration process started, e-mail Lindsey, our Team and Intern coordinator, at the following information:

-Team Leader Name
-Church Name
-Estimated Team Size
-Where you would like to serve
-Dates you would like to serve

Once Lindsey receives this information, she will be able to put your team on Inca Link the calendar and will send you a more detailed list on everything you need to complete between now and the time of your trip.

download welcome packet

<< click here to download huaticocha welcome packet >>

<< click here to download quito welcome packet >>

<< click here to download manta/ portoviejo packet >>

a special note for alliance churches:

If you are a Canadian Alliance Church, your registration and finances will be handled through Envision Canada.  Please include in the “reserve your spot” e-mail.

If you are a U.S. Alliance Church, your registration and finances will be handled through Envision. Please include their Trips Coordinator, Britt Cooper, in the “reserve your spot” e-mail you send Lindsey.  Her e-mail address is  (Don’t worry, if you forget this step, Lindsey will point you in the right direction!)