athletic trainer

Casa Deportiva Cumbre Alta (CDCA) is seeking an Athletic Trainer. The position is being created with the purpose of accomplishing the following vision.


Vision: Cumbre Alta is dedicated to reaching the highest level of Ecuadorian sports as we share Christ with those in our sphere of influence.


Athletic Trainers will be expected to commit to the following:

  1. Consistently and effectively share the love of Christ with every team that are worked with and the community at large.
  2. Disciple and mentor team members.
  3. Provide prevention, care, rehabilitation and evaluation to student-athletes for all athletically related injuries and illnesses sustained during practices and athletic competition.
  4. Provide medical coverage and care for men’s and women’s athletics teams, coordinate pre-practice, practice, post practice, and athletic team competition needs.
  5. Maintain and document medical records, rehabilitation programs and reconditioning programs of athletes’ injuries and illnesses.
  6. Be present at all practices and games of the assigned teams.
  7. Provide written player reports for all players on the teams assigned with detailed information related to the health and fitness of each player.
  8. Communicate efficiently with players and parents regarding activities involving the Athletic Trainer duties.
  9. Participate in professional development activities to enhance knowledge and skills, including attending professional development conferences, and work towards the highest license in your field.
  10. Assist in implementing CDCA soccer clinics and camps.
  11. Be an ambassador for CDCA within the local community.
  12. Accomplish other tasks as assigned by the Sports Director.


Qualifications for the ideal soccer coach:

  1. Passionate about following Jesus Christ and making disciples.
  2. Passionate to achieve the club’s vision.
  3. Bachelor’ degree required in field of Athletic Training
  4. Preferred – Master’s degree in same field or other related field.
  5. Certification by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification in the USA, or equivalent, or at a minimum working towards certification.
  6. First Aid/CPR certification.
  7. Experience in evaluating injuries, providing emergency care, providing preventative care through taping, bracing, massaging, and in the use of various therapeutic modalities.


If you do not meet some of the criteria desired above but feel like God has called you to work with CDCA we encourage you to contact the club director, Nathan Taube, at