Just a reminder: God’s timing is perfect.

I’m writing this to encourage you to continue actively waiting. Your timing is not perfect, but the Lord’s is. You might want to do something now, but God has a purpose for making you wait. You might want to wait to do something, but God’s timing is now.

Is our timing is always wrong? No, make plans, but know the Lord is going to direct every step (Proverbs 16:9).

We will never understand the incredible things that God has planned for us, until we wait…and then, after we actively wait, we look back on what God has done and realize that God’s timing is perfect and there is a reason for our active waiting.

I want to be in Peru, right now! But I’m not, yet. There is a reason why I’m still here, but I don’t know that reason. But I will actively wait for His perfect timing. I will not take things into my own hands, but daily offer my plans and ideas up to Him, well…because they are His anyways. I’m a servant of the Lord, desiring to make His Name known. My identity, my everything, is found in Him.