It’s often so easy for us to forget how well we have it in life. We complain that we only have a 40” TV when our neighbors have a new 56” TV or we look at our five-year-old car and then look across the street at the brand new car in the driveway with envy. When the reality is, if you can watch this video on a computer, you are way better off than the bulk of the world’s population.

Inca Link Peru has been working with people who live, work and breath in the dump. They make a living by looking for plastic, cardboard, glass and metal that can be sold and recycled. If they make $5, it has been a good day. This holiday season, as you are buying the toy that might get used a few times or shopping for the new TV, consider spending a little bit less on gifts and instead spend more time with those you love. Then consider giving some of that money to those who really are in need, not in “want” like so many of us, but in actual genuine need.