…well, it’s actually the middle of winter in Trujillo, Peru.

2Things are moving full swing with the ministries here at Inca Link. Many teams have been coming down to help us with construction, programs with the children, teens, and mothers, and also they themselves are being minister to as well though the debriefs, which the interns hold every night. Along with team, it is my responsibility to meet with each intern to evaluate and encourage them to continue with the work they are doing. It has been a very rewarding opportunity to see challenges presented and how the interns handle every situation thought God’s wisdom and strength.
Along with the teams come returning friends, which is a beautiful reunion! Friends that I’ve been with for only one or two weeks, but God immediately imparts unity and it is a wonderful thing to see a team function correctly. A refreshing moment with the returning guests remind me of the growth that has happened, which sometimes goes unnoticed when you are in it everyday.

Sean [left] has come for the past three years and has been an immense encouragement to me, as his heart beats for missions.

The mothers have been selling food to the other mothers at Elim to raise money for the eye surgeries that need to take place. They were doing extremely well and the support from the other mothers from the garbage dump was incredible! They would also sell the food to the teams and through some support raising, and we reached out goal! Praise the Lord, we should have the operations soon.

Also, Stephany and I have been busy planning for the wedding day! Thank for you for all your prayers and encouragement, we feel blessed by you. We love the kind notes and visits from Inca Link friends throughout the past months, what great memories we have had! Thanks for being a part of it and making it special for us.

Thanks again for reading and praying, it is a powerful thing