Ministries in Honduras

Honduras is the fourth country that we are reaching with the irresistible love of Christ working in the vision of reaching the 300 million young people in Latin America!


We want to invite you to use all your creativity to help expand the minds and hearts of the children, girls, teens, moms, dads, etc., that come to our projects. We did not realize that we had children with musical talent until we offered to give guitar lessons to the children, or that we had children who are good at playing soccer or learning English while talking with Mathias, our first intern.

Others in the community loved Mr. Ken’s magic tricks, who came on a short-term missions trip with the W-Church from Huntington Beach, CA. Another team member, Lori, taught the children how to use the computer, which prompted some of them to ask questions about electricity. There is a lot of talent to discover, and we would love for you to be part of these discoveries.

Serve in Honduras

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