HelpgrowBonsaiImagine that you are a single mother living in a neighborhood plagued by crime and substance abuse.  Your four small children attend school in the mornings, but you have no one to take care of them during the afternoons.  You never finished high school because, like many of the girls in the neighborhood where you grew up, you got pregnant in your mid-teens and had to take on the responsibilities of motherhood.  Because you never received your diploma, the best that you can reasonably hope for is a minimum wage job – $354 per month.  With this amount, you could provide for your family’s living expenses, but there wouldn’t be enough left over to pay for childcare.  What do you do?  Do you lock your children inside of your home, alone for hours, knowing the risks in your neighborhood and the possibility that the government could find out and take your children?  Do you, out of necessity and loneliness, find a man to take care of you, even though the majority of men in your neighborhood come from a background where domestic violence and alcoholism are commonplace?  Do you turn to prostitution?  Do you try to take odd jobs and borrow money here and there, even though it means that you accrue debt that will lead to broken relationships and potential legal problems, and that your children will still often go entire days without eating?  What will all of these possibilities mean for your children?  Will they suffer the same hardships that you did and end up reliving the same cycle?

These are the types of the problems that many families here in Manta face every day and the types of questions that many parents are forced to ask themselves – problems to which they often have no solutions and questions to which they often have no answers, all leading to a sense of hopelessness.  God has given us a passion for seeking these solutions and answers using the resources that are available to us, and Bonsai is born out of that passion.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Bonsai.  At can learn more about:

  • Why we named the ministry Bonsai
  • The mission and objectives
  • The after-school program
  • What we need to begin

We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we plan, prepare, and move forward. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Will and Amanda Eason

Bonsai Ministry Directors