Many great things have happened this months, which we are thankful for. Thanks for your consistent prayers, they made the things great and also work much smoother. mmmmmmm (2)
The most exciting thing that has been happening is: we are petitioning the local government for a piece of land to build another Elim. It has been a very long process, but after a 5 minute talk with the governor, we were connected with the person in charge of distributing the land, saw the property [perfect spot], and are working towards obtaining it. Everyone’s prayers has made this process much smoother, thanks.
CAM01594Saturday programs are going well, with many new children. The classrooms are no longer big enough [reason why we want to build another Elim]. I am now teaching the teenagers, which has actually been a true blessing. It was tough to say goodbye to my class [6-9 years old], but praise the Lord, He has a plan. Since it is summer vacation, I am teaching English classes to the children and teens, who are learning so quickly!  The class for the adults [only mothers now] is growing also. On Fridays they continue to make crafts and Saturdays they have 3 different discipleship groups. IMG_5494

After the Elim and Inca Link Peru retreats, we have been getting more organized. Starting a file of each child and adult that attends our program, while keeping track of attendance and participation. Also, teaching 4 key values: obedience, respect, gratefulness, and service.

Spending time with friends has been wonderful also. Being a recently married couple may sometimes put the desire to seclude ourselves, but spending quality time with our friends has really been helpful.

We took one of my former students to get eye glasses, and because they are under the ‘low income bracket,’ they got them for free, praise the Lord!

retreatOur home church had a children’s retreat, so we took 5 children from Elim on this experience, and it was extremely energizing [and tiring at the same time]. I was a leader of one of the groups and Steph was in charge of the Bible memory verse. The kids LOVED it!!

A few days later, they had a retreat for the teenagers, and 8 of ours went. When they came back, they screamed our names and ran to us and gave us hugs! Complete change. Unity. Leadership. Fire. Joy. Wow, praise the Lord for the wisdom He gives our leaders. [perfect timing also, because now I’m in charge of the teen’s class.]

We have one intern here right now, who I’m meeting with and making sure is on task. More interns are coming soon. If you would like to be an intern, let us know! Also, we are preparing for teams to come down too. Please pray for a married couple from the states to come down to help us out. We can’t do it alone!

John 1:38a – turning around, Jesus saw them following and asked, “What do you want?”
Background: 2 disciples of John the Baptist leave John to follow Jesus and he said, “What do you want?” or other translations say, “What do you seek?” This is a very good question, when we come to Jesus, what do we want? what are we looking for? The disciples answered saying, “Where are you staying?” which I believe means we need to seek to know Christ more [relationship], not only what He can give us.
So, why are you following Christ?

Thanks again for your prayers and financial support, praise the Lord for making this team function so well!
kneel often and stand strong,
Brent & Steph