I don’t like heights.  It’s not an exaggerated fear, and I can usually conquer it, but my hands sweat when I go up a ladder and if I’m on the roof of our apartment I get a tingly sensation in my stomach.  I don’t like jumping off things like the rest of my family, even if there is a rope tied to me and I’ve tested it several times.
I get the same feeling when it’s time to step into the unknown.   Since its inception Inca Link has made a commitment to impact the 300 million youth of Latin America.   This makes life messy and leads us down crazy paths into the unknown.   Our game plan is to adjust our lives and ministry to whatever God is already doing.  Let me tell you, God is into the extreme!   There is rarely a day that goes by that we are not standing on the ledge of a big decision and we have to jump.
The good news is that Inca Link is full of jumpers!  No matter our roles or personalities, we know enough to jump when God says jump.  Inca Link is also full of encouragers, who help those of us who are weaker when it comes to jumping.
So, it’s time to jump again.  And this jump is a BIG ONE.  The scariest.  It is also imperative.  We are on the ledge with a bunch of kids and the bad guy is about to catch us.  We have to jump!   We need your help.

Here is what’s happening.  Inca Link has been working alongside Ganas, a home for children whose parents are in prison, for more than a year now.  We have worked with the children there by helping to provide for their basic needs and teaching them about the unfailing love of Jesus Christ.  They will lose their current facility this July of 2012.  Inca Link desires to provide a children’s home in Quito, Ecuador to house these children and others in need.  We desire to have a home where children will be well cared for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a loving environment.  In order to realize this dream, we need to raise $330,000 to purchase a facility to house these children.  We ask you to consider joining us in our efforts by praying for wisdom and guidance from the Lord and by choosing to financially support the purchase of a new home.

You have the opportunity to double your impact due to the great generosity of an individual, who will match your financial gift, up to $20,000.  Thank you for your support for children who do not have anyone to properly care for them.  Our prayer is for each child to know he/she is a beautiful child of God who is wonderfully and beautifully made.

It’s time to jump!  Will you jump with us?