La Esperanza means “Hope” and it is one of the daughter churches of America Sur, the church that I attend. We have a mission’s team at the church and our focus right now is to start children’s ministries at all the daughter churches. For the past 3 months I’ve been going to La Esperanza every Sunday morning and helping start a children’s program.

coloring It has been amazing to see the growth and what God has been doing. Obviously the children are so encouraging and it’s wonderful to see these children read God’s Word and desire to know more. We started with about 5 kids and now more than 30 kids come out! But the even more exciting part is to see the youth and adults of the church rise up as leaders. Each week there are a few more helpers and they are naturally taking 5the leadership role. The one time I was teaching a class and my Spanish was failing, so I called on of the youth over to help me and it was incredible to see how they thrived with the children.

Soon the church will be running the program on their own and then it’s on to the next one! Keep this church, the new leaders, and the children in your prayers. If you have facebook, more pictures.