(This is something I wrote about a month ago, the beginning of December. Lagrimas means “tears” in Spanish)


Multiple times
The tears, they came
Without warning
Like rain

Tonight the sky
Opened Wide
Torrents falling
Such a beautiful song
Calling me to

Such is life
If we heed not
it tears us apart
from our one true Love

Today I cried
Reading a note from a friend
Pain fading away
Setting the mind
On things above
Like the stars in the sky
The people in need

Confirmation, it comes
In many forms
Tears being one

Today I cried
I was washed clean
Myself put aside
Now all can be seen

Years ago in a stable
A young mother did cry
The Savior of the world in her arms
A little baby
Who later would die
To take away all of our sins
In exchange for new life
Life free and eternal
Abundant with Him

Today I did cry
But now I can remember
The day that will come
In His presence I’ll stand
Tears wiped away
Forever in His love