This month been the start of a few new things and it has been great to see how God is naturally making them grow.

With the teens, we had  IMG_5946 them come over to our house and we watched “God’s Not Dead.” It was encouraging to hear how they learned from it and applied things to their lives.
4 of the teens already did the first discipleship book (the abundant life), so I started the second book with them. I gave the rest of the teens the opportunity to start the first disciple book and this time has been very fruitful and many basic Christian principles are being taught.
Frank, one of the new students, accepted Jesus into his life as Lord and Savior! What a great day that was.
During the summer, I taught English to all the classes, which I thought would stop once the summer ended. But the teens said that they would keep coming out to learn if I wanted to continue to teach, so that was really uplifting!
The teens have also started making bracelets on Saturday morning, which they have been enjoying, while learning a lot; I’m also attempting to learn.

The first husband came with his wife [who has been attending the program for the past 2 years] to the program, which was a surprise. Having our first couple has been a huge encouragement to us, especially since their whole family is now coming to the program!school
A married couple that is part of our team, is teaching the adults and took this opportunity to invite the couple to their house and start marriage counseling; it’s still so amazing to see how God is moving the hearts and starting different ministry opportunities.
The adult class spend a Saturday at the beach, which they enjoyed fully; it’s no often they get a day off to enjoy life.

We had a school supply campaign and gave all the children and teen supplies for the start of the school year. Also, many of them were given school shoes, which were received with huge smiles.

Ashoes (2) team came down for their spring break and it was lead by a previous intern, who also brought a team down last spring break. It was a great time seeing them reunite with old Peruvian friends and also seeing the growth of each ministry.

Steph started seminary classes, which require her to go to Lima to the first 4 days of class. She was overwhelmed at first, but after a few deep breaths, the Lord strengthened her and she is learning so much.

We are still in search of a property for Elim.
I am still in the process of getting my drivers license.

Thanks for your prayers and your continual support
grace and peace,
Brent and Stephany