Thatched roof prayer hut and covered bridge at Ninawachi Missions School, Huaticocha, Ecuador

Thatched roof prayer hut and covered bridge at Ninawachi Missions School, Huaticocha, Ecuador

Partially Constructed Boys Dorm in December 2012

Partially Constructed Boys Dorm in December 2012

God has been doing exciting things in the Amazon Region of Ecuador the past couple of months through the Inca Link team.  I thank you all for your part in this through your prayers and support.


The construction of the Huaticocha Missions School has been progressing nicely. We are now finishing the bathrooms in the boys and girls dormitories and completing some other finishing touches on the two buildings. The last week of March we will begin construction of the actual school building. It is such a blessing to be seeing God begin to make this dream become a reality.


Inca Link has chosen the name Ninawachi for the missions school. In the Quichua dialects spoken in the mountains of Ecuador, Ninawachi means house of fire. We are excited that several youth have already expressed interest to study when we open for classes in January of 2014. We ask your prayers that God will raise up youth who want to prepare themselves to be missionaries by studying at the Ninawachi Missions School. Ultimately, we pray that the young adults who study at the missions school will carry the good news of Christ to the remote communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon where he is still unknown. We will be able to house up to twelve young men and twelve young women in the recently constructed dorm buildings.


The past couple of months I have been spending my time between working on the missions school property and visiting communities to share the Gospel. Two weeks ago Ulises Pineda, fellow missionary from Nicaragua, and I spent a week visiting Shuar villages in the Via Auca region of the Orellana Province, about 4 hours by bus from where we are based in Huaticocha.


We were encouraged by the hunger for the Word of God that the believers had. Also, we were able to visit two new communities, Juwa and Kunkuki. In Kunkuki Daniel Chamik, his wife Vilma, and their family invited us to share the good news of Christ with them. They have been hungering for something more in life than the drunkenness, quarrelling and strife that they see in the lives of everyone around them. Daniel, Vilma, and 5 of their oldest children all prayed to receive Christ in their lives and follow after him.


In Juwa we were able to encourage the handful of Shuar believers that live there and also were able to see a young lady come to commit her life to Christ. Manuel Tiwiram is one of the Shuar believers in Juwa. Manuel is an expert on Shuar culture and history. He has dedicated his life to promoting and protecting Shuar culture. He is an incredible man and a wealth of knowledge. Manuel has been a believer for fifteen years and has a passion to reach his people, the majority of whom are living without hope in severe poverty, suffering from alcoholism and other destructive habits.


Manuel had studied for two years in the Baptist Theological Seminary in Quito before he was forced to drop out because he didn’t have the money to continue. Today, through the financial support of many of you, we have been able to help Manuel finish his seminary studies at the CEMIM seminary in Mangayaku, Ecuador. Pray for Manuel, especially for his home situation. His wife has been unfaithful to him several times, is not a believer and is not at all supportive of his Christian walk.


Besides praying for the Shuar Communities that I mentioned and for Manuel Tiwiram, I also ask your prayers that there be no problems when I renew my visa in 2 weeks. Also, the last week of March we will be hosting a team from King’s Academy in San Jose, California. Pray for their time with us and for the communities of Pucuno, Huiruno, La Floresta, and Nueva Esperanza where they will be serving.


I thank you all for your friendship, encouragement, prayers, and financial support. A month ago I celebrated my year anniversary of serving full time with Inca Link in Ecuador.  This wouldn’t have been possibly without you all being part of the team. I am truly grateful and blessed to have each of you in my life. May God bless you and may you all experience the fullness of Christ’s love in your lives.


En Cristo,


Jim Zoschg, Jr.