Meroa 8

We are passionate about going where not many come to share the irresistible love of Christ, and Meroa 8 is one of those communities that is a little hidden in Honduras. To get there is a whole mission in and of itself, where from San Pedro we have to take a taxi, bus, motorcycle taxi, motorboat and another one-way motorcycle and repeat everything back. When we arrive in Meroa, we meet our friend Omar Ciru, who has a very big heart for the children of the community.


  • The children are leaving school at the age of 11 and dedicate themselves to working in the fields
  • Due to a lack of education, the girls began to get pregnant (14 years old) and started their young families with other young boys (16 years old)


  • We are doing a soccer program that was started by Omar Ciru and Rigoberto Villanueva, who want to help young people find other horizons for their lives through the practice of this sport.
  • We in the community encourage everyone who participates to take part in a local church, and our friend Rigoberto is working hard to share the love of God in a small galley where children can come and learn about the love of Christ.