the compound


At Inca Link, we pride ourselves in squinting our eyes and opening our ears to see and hear where God is moving. We started a project called Pasitos De Fe many years ago for a children’s home. Throughout the years we have built buildings, raised money for, equipped and raised up staff and gotten government approval for the home. With each step came a different challenge. The latest laws of Peru and the region of Trujillo made it necessary to have 7 full-time people on staff to house up to 8 children. We still paid it and prepared for children to come to our home. We waited. We waited more.

Finally after 8 months and only 2 kids who went to our home for less than 2 weeks (we found a suitable family for them to live with) – we realized the problem was not that the children did not have parents, but that their parents did not have the time or energy to dedicate to raising their kids as they had to spend much of their time searching for recyclable materials in the garbage to make their living. We also opened our eyes again to see that 80 children and 20 mothers are using our property and buildings we already made. They are being reached for the gospel, discipled and growing with options to get them out of poverty in the future. A budget comparison happened. We saw that for $3500 a month to run the children’s home – (with 0 to 8 children) it was the same cost we were spending in our Maná garbage dump day care center for 108 children! We could impact 108 children for the same price as impacting 8!

We readjusted as we saw that we have a better chance of reaching more kids with the money God had given us by using the Pasitos De Fe children’s home and opening it up to being a place where the children and parents could learn what it looks like to be a Godly family – The Compound.

What does this mean? Simply that rather than having the staffing and kids living with us full-time, we will serve the kids and families in the neighborhood and surrounding with day programs. When there is a need to house kids or teams or interns or people in need, we can still maximize the property to serve them. This also opens up our Inca Thakhi camp ministries, Amijai family ministries and all of the other Inca Link Peru ministries by giving them a place to serve and grow.

If you would like to give, you will help continue this ministry long into the future as The Compound caring for these children who are in desperate need.

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