The story all started when a team that was planning to come down in August, chicken coop progressdecided to prepare. They asked us, “What do the Peruvians you work with need? Would a chicken coop be helpful?” I asked a family, whose property Elim is built on, if they a chicken coop would help. They already had some chickens, but they had no home to keep them.

The e-mails kept coming with questions and ideas. August finally came, and the team was ready to meet Julia and Marcelino, whose children are Luis (also known as Chichi) and Jose. Luis is married to Lorana and Jose is married to Evon. Julia, Lorana, and Evon are three women that are faithful attendants to our Elim program for the mother’s class.

When we all met, we quickly jumped into the planning of the chicken coop . I translated as best I could, keeping the communication flowing. We bought some resources that the family could not gather and the next day we started putting ideas into reality.


Pworkersraise the Lord for the gifts and talents that He has given to the team that came down, because if I had to put a chicken coop together, it would not be a pretty site. But through this opportunity, I was able to talk with the family more and get to know them more than I have before. Also, encouraging the men, especially Marcelino, to come out to the program and start learning more fundamental truths about the Bible.

We had times of prayer and praise and the chicken coop came together quicker than we thought and then came the day to buy the chickens. The team was also extremely knowledgeable about raising chickens, having chicken coops of their own back in the states, so their insight on which chickens to buy was helpful. We bought 20 young female [hopefully] chickens, that will be future laying hens. The pen was created for 50 hens total, and will [Lord willing] be full one day.


When we put the chickens into their new home, CAM00690they were afraid and just huddled together. They stayed like that for a few hours. Some started to eat the food on the trays, but we were concerned about them. Once it was time to leave [4 hours later] we prayed that God would bless the chickens and that they would be a blessing to the family. Most of the team prayed and when we ended the prayer in Jesus name, we started to leave and looked at the chickens one last time and they were swarming the food eating it as if they never ate before! Glory to God, what a blessing and answered prayer it was! It was something special for me to see an immediate answer to prayer, and it’s something that we need to remember that if we don’t have the Lord’s blessing in something, it will fail. Jesus gave us a perfect example when he fed the 5,000: Matthew 14:19 – “…he looked up to heaven and said a blessing…” John 6:11 – “Jesus then took the loaves, and when he had given thanks…” Many stories in the Old Testament are the same way, they dedicate someone, something, or some idea to the Lord and then He blesses it, if it is in line with His will.


And now as the team leave, they entrusted me with some “Raising Chickens for Dummies” books and now, I’m a chicken farmer, which is actually very exciting to me. Taking dominion over the earth (Gen. 1:28) is something God commands of us and this will be an opportunity to obey. Continue to pray for us as we raise these chickens, that they are a blessing to the family and that the family receives this blessing, and in turn, they realize that they have been blessed to be a blessing (Gen. 12:2).