CAM00053 A few months ago we decided to start a discipleship course with the moms. When we told them what the course was like, they brought to our attention that they would not be able to read the questions nor write the answers. So, we started a reading and writing course. Once they finished the course, we gave them some reading material, yet they still had problems reading. The teacher had reading glasses, so one of the moms asked her for them to see if they would help, and they did! We took them to an eye doctor a few weeks ago to have their eyes measured and examined. 2 of the moms need surgery to remove cataracts and the other 4 needed glasses.

FCAM00212or the mother’s day program, we had each class prepare a special and also invited a woman to encourage the mothers through the Word of God. We found a restaurant/park that was willing to help us out and on Saturday, we had a mother’s day program with a total of 83 people! Wow, what a blessing for everyone, the smiles were priceless and the word of God that was preached was impacting. We also gave the 4 mothers their glasses. They gave their testimonies and read a verse. One said, “Now I can read the Word of God!” and I realized how reading and writing are a huge blessing in our Christian lives. Praise the Lord for the wisdom and understanding that He gives.

Thanks to all of you who have covered us in pray and resources!