Missions Training International is a training center for missionaries. I participated in a 3 week course called “SPLICE” which stands for:

Spiritual – inner stability and strongly anchored to the Lord and prepared for turmoil and stress
Personal – the personal life of the messenger determines the volume and clarity of the message
Lifestyle – cross-cultural ministry is sacrificial and will turn your world upside-down
Interpersonal – their love one for another, specifically the team
Cultural – your attitude & posture to accepting their culture will determine how much they accept you
Endurance/Enjoyment – a paradox, but that is life in missions

teamI was with 39 adults and 14 children in the same course, who are from all different states, going to all different countries. The courses were impacting and helped channel my perspective, views, and opinions. From real community living, to paradox (pair of ducks), to exiting my comfort zone and entering another’s, to conflict styles, to communication filters, to the Bible being my measuring stick, to…well I could go on and on. I learned an incredible amount. I am humbled to say how this training was necessary and extremely helpful. Praise the Lord for that opportunity.

Now I am home for a few [Lord willing] weeks. I have a few things planned that I need to do before I leave. But ultimately, finances are the only thing that is restricting me. I am at exactly 50%, which is great! If you have prayed and have a peace about giving, please click on the donate tab -> or go to www.incalink.org/donations/frederick and set up monthly giving or a one-time donation. Thanks so much for everything!