This past week I was in charge of leading Entre Nosotras, a discussion time with a group of about 85 women from all walks of faith and from many nationalities. It’s one of my favorite groups of people and I love meeting with them. Of course, I get nervous when it’s my turn to lead the meeting time, but the collective wisdom of the group is organic and inspiring. Every time we meet I come away smarter…even when I’m leading the group! It’s just another indication that God continues to do miracles to this day! Our topic this week was prayer. Since we represent different faiths, we talked basics. What is prayer and why do we pray. We boiled it down to prayer being a time of recognition of a higher being, and our submission, surrendering to that being. An exposure of the heart and soul of who we are, and a willingness to change. When we talked about why we pray, we basically came to the conclusion that it was good for us. It changed us and by changing us, also changed our circumstances, or our way of looking at our circumstances. It is a place to draw strength and to become centered in the important things of our life, a moment (or a lifestyle) when we get perspective. We all agreed that Christians (both evangelical and catholic) have emphasized our need to communicate, and have failed to stress the importance of expecting communication back. We forget the watching, waiting, listening part. We talked about those amazing moments when you know that God just moved, those moments of absolute impotence, when ONLY GOD can move and we get to SEE it. With our weak and faulty eyes we recognize those moments when God’s Kingdom has revealed itself here on earth and our faith is once again made new. It’s so mysterious that God would choose to work through our prayers, but even in our eclectic group, we all could give testimony of how He has!

So, this Inca Link update was supposed to be about interns. I wanted to highlight them, because, well…they are amazing! After I wrote the update however, I was unsettled. It wasn’t the right update for this month. I’ve been practicing the art of listening to God this month, and I just knew something else needed to be said in this Inca Link update.

We are growing, we have many teams lined up for this summer, money is coming in steadily, and we have the best volunteers and missionaries around! It is a time of great blessing. Yet we are terribly burdened, and I know that this month I need to make a plea for prayer! Rally our team to get on our knees! I love the imagery of an army. Ready to fight for what is right, for what they believe in, and standing in great anticipation of victory. ONLY GOD can move these mountains that are put before us, and we want to approach them like an army of prayer warriors, so that He can be glorified.

Why? We have some very big burdens that we are carrying, and we recognize that in ALL of the cases we are powerless. Although we have spent many sleepless nights trying to come up with creative solutions, we keep hitting roadblocks and running into dead ends. What we need more than anything right now is God intervention! Pray for us, pray with us.


Casey and Renae Bryans

When I last wrote this update, I told you we were at the edge of a cliff holding the hands of the kids whose parents are in prison. The bad guys were catching up, and God was asking us to jump and start a new home for kids whose parents are in prison. Well, we are all willing to jump, but before we could the bad guys grabbed onto the kids legs. If we jump now, what will happen to the kids? For a month now, we have been standing on the cliff with a tug of war over the kids. God tells us we are going to win, but are arms are tired and we are scared of hurting the kids! Casey and Renae Bryans are our missionaries that work on a daily basis with the kids and the constant stress and adrenaline will soon take its toll! Please pray for them! Pray for all of us! ONLY GOD can help us! click here for their recent newsletters

Casa Elizabeth

For months we have been waiting for “just one more piece of paper” to be given to us by the government so we can house pregnant minors again. It is so frustrating that this one piece of paper is still hung up with red tape. Please pray that we will have permission to take care of these girls. We have had to turn girls away! Everything is ready for them, the rooms all nicely made and decorated. We have a social worker, a psychologist, a doctor, and a whole team of volunteers just waiting to love on these girls! This same paper will give us permission to house the kids whose parents are in prison!


Pasitos de Fe (Little Steps of Faith)

In just a few short months the children’s home in Trujillo will have CHILDREN! Before this happens however, there is sooo much to be done. The slow process of getting the children’s home ready is so frustrating! We’ve had to rewire the home, and now we have to dig up the plumbing, as there were several leaks! We want to move on to the many other tasks at hand, but we keep getting stuck. Please ask God to get us OUT OF THE RUT, that this house would be made PERFECT by Him and that we will soon here the sweet sounds of happy children living there!

Ignacio and Meylin Mireles

Ignacio and Meylin Mireles are in the States trying to raise support so that they can move to the Children’s Home in Trujillo and help with the kids, as well as start a church in the community. The community is notorious for violence and robberies. The goal is for God to do His work, and the community be known as the most peaceful and safe! ONLY GOD can help Ignacio and Meylin raise funds in this economy, and ONLY GOD can change the community, by changing hearts!

Oswaldo and Denise Piñeiros

Oswaldo and Denise Piñeiros are another new missionary couple to us. They have been in Ecuador for a while…Oswaldo was born here, and they have had a wonderful ministry to orphan and at risk children! We are so lucky to have them and feel that God gave them to us! They too are in the States right now, raising support. When they come back they will be helping Casey and Renae with the home for kids whose parents are in prison. You know how urgent it is to get them back as soon as possible! PLEASE PRAY!

Mark and Cheryl Shafer

Please pray for Mark and Cheryl Shafer and Jim and Ulyssis down in Huaticocha and it’s surrounding areas. When a pastor asked Mark what the biggest obstacle was to spreading light in that community, Mark said the constant struggle with health issues! Shoot, I was there 2 days and came home sick! Please pray that God would protect them and give them IRON bellies! Mark also shared that on more than one occasion, they have gone into the most remote areas and helped with clean water and other community service projects. Despite the desperate need of the people, the authorities have served them with papers asking them not to come back, all the while, the people tugging on their arms, begging them to stay! PRAY!

Josh and Jenny Howlett

Josh and Jenny Howlett are a couple (with a sweet little baby, Jayla) who are looking at the possibility of joining Inca Link in Peru. They come to visit us in May, so please pray for them! Big decisions coming up!

Peru and Ecuador

Pray for all of Inca Link Peru and Inca Link Ecuador. We just want to shine a light in the darkest places around us. It is stressful and hard work. Pray for strong team unity. With so many things opposing us, we have to stand united as a team. Pray for wisdom, energy, optimism, and unending faith in God. He didn’t bring us this far to just abandon us. Pray that we can truly be a voice for those who have none!


Finally, please pray for our great interns. We have loved being surrounded by young people who love God and want to be World Christians, the kind that stand with us on the edge of the gaping abyss to hell! Who cry with us, as we wipe the tears from little ones eyes. Who suffer with us as we turn children away, because we don’t have a dumb piece of paper! Yes, their exposure is shorter time wise, but it is just as intense, and they suffer the injustices as we do. PRAY for them to bear fruit from their time with us in Inca Link. Pray for God to raise up many many more students, young adults to spread the light all over the world. Pray for our interns past, some of them we work with every day (Lisa Merritt, Joseph Fisher), some who are serving in other places (Dan Kasnick in Haiti). Pray for Abby Fish in Peru, Brent Frederick in Peru, Ecuador and maybe even Colombia, Abby Snider in Ecuador and finally Annie Duncan who is finishing up her year internship here in Ecuador. Also pray for Jordan Duke, who is leaving Peru tomorrow, after a couple months of putting in solar panels at the Children’s Home (and cleaning the water tank…yucky), along with many other jobs! If you are an intern reading this, don’t forget to pray for us! We love you and hold you dear to our hearts! COME BACK!!!