Twas a month before Christmas
And up in Raleigh
Inca Link’s boards a gathering and brainstorming with gleeThere’s a pastor, some businessmen, an accountant, a retiree
An eclectic passionate group
Why there’s even a mother of three!As they work through the morning and on past six
There arises a mutter and a point we must fix
Some of our workers are way underpaid
If they worked in the real world, if they would trade
They’d make much more money, a fat paycheck, A grade!

Let’s give them a raise, this cannot go on!
But the underpaid workers, they do NOT nod
“We don’t want the money!”  they emphatically state
“Give it to Ganas or Pasitos de Fe, that would be great!”

This started us thinking of how lucky we be
To belong to this crazy Inca Link family
A group that will not be conformed or indifferent
Dedicated to working so all have sufficient

There is Mark and Cheryl and a whole jungle team
Who are putting their hears and souls in the dream
Of a school just for missions, out Huaticocha way
And Jim Zoschg is about to join them, full time…everyday!

And listen to this, this one´s brand new!
Ignacio and Meylin are headed to Peru
They stepped on the property of Inca Link
And God had them start to think
Now they are going to care for children and build a church
In that community of sand, garbage and dirt

There is Johnny and Lucy in sweet Bogota
Whose very hearts are huge, stretched so far
They work with the ones who only know violence
Who struggle each day in darkness and silence

Corban is Corban, and they reach out each day
In the cities or villages, any place where they may
On the coast or in the mountains, to a few or a bunch
They give all they can give, plans, even health
Because they have experienced the true wealth
The kind that lies in just adjusting ourselves
To whatever God is doing, without whistles or bells

Meanwhile in Haiti, we can’t forget Dan
He’s been busy bringing light to a broken land
With Lina and Toni and friendships with locals
Love has bred love and hope has bred hopefuls

Much farther South in Ecuador and Peru
Gustavo and Violeta are leading their crew
As they face daily perils and constant attacks
Emotional challenges and things that distract
They sacrifice time, energy and dollar
To see teens, children and others walk taller

And just before putting this ditty to print
We heard some good news and we´ll give you a hint
Jeff Ens has expanded his family tree
Because they have added Josiah Timothy!

Are we perfect?  Not really…not even close
But our Inca Link family…we love God the most
And we´ll join Him wherever and do what He asks
So that we all may bear fruit, the kind that will last.

So from Lisa, the Fishers, the Wellers, and Joka
From Claudia, Stephany, Noboas and Liz la loca
From so many others that I did not mention,
From Bryans and Browns, Annie and Eli
We do not wish that your Christmas be filled with glee
What we DO wish for all of you, during this season
Is resistance from the materialism and buying for no reason
And that as you celebrate the One who has come
Your hearts will be radically transformed, undone
And commitments will be made by each one of us
To live just like Jesus, and let go of the fuss!