Quotes from the Chiva:  

“Is it legal to be on a moving vehicle and dancing?”  “I didn´t realize pastors and church leaders celebrated this way!” “Is this non-alcoholic?”  “YES”


Quotes related to school:

“Attention!  All those still on campus, please cross the street to the soccer field immediately.  This is not a drill!”

“That was so much fun!”
“Yes, we didn’t have to have practice!”
“Um, do we have to go to school?  We do?  I don’t think you should make us, as it might be emotionally scarring…oh and by the way, if there is no school, a bunch of us are getting together for a sleep over.”

Quote from Entre Nosotras:

J:    I just wanted to thank you all for walking with me on this spiritual journey in Entre Nosotras, and that after 6 years of learning about love, forgiveness,  and my identity in Christ, this Sunday I am getting baptized!”

Quote from Casa Elizabeth girls:

A: “My grandma drinks like a man, she also beats like a man”

Me:  “What do you mean?”

A:  “She hates life and she hates everybody.  She is always beating me, hard!  I don’t do anything.  I am cooking over the fire and she comes in and starts kicking me and punching me.  One time she kicked me so hard in the stomach, and she wouldn’t stop.  I started throwing up black stuff up and she kept going.  I think that is why I came to live in Casa Elizabeth.  My mom drinks too.  My mom is afraid of my grandma.  She hits me too.  I don’t know why.  I’m never going to drink.  I’m never going to hit my baby.”

G:  “I want to go home.  I have a boyfriend.”

Rich:  “What’s his name?  Is he handsome?  How old is he?”

G:  He is handsome.  He wears sunglasses.  I don’t know how old he is.”

Rich: “Well, is he older than you?  Does he wear his sunglasses at night?”

G:  “I think he is older than me, because he is taller than me.  He wears his sunglasses at night”

Quotes from kids living in the dump who we took to the movies:

Percy:  “We arrived at the movie theater and we had to go on an escalator, and when we got on, one of the young girls FREAKED out and started screaming so loud it sounded like she was in agony!  I took her out of the building and she screamed for blocks!  Everyone was looking at me, and I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I was about to take her all the way back to the dump, but then I bought her a candy, and she calmed right down and we got back to the movie theater!”

K at the movie:  “Is this real?”  “why can’t I touch the little animals”  “why are the people getting mad?” “why can’t I pet the puppy?”

M at mall fountain:  “Can we go swimming?”

D at the movie:  “Why is it so loud?”  “Can’t they hear me?”  “Why are the lights off?”

S at KFC after:  “I’m not eating this, it’s not chicken, they are lying”

Percy:  “Please try it, it really is chicken”

F:  “It doesn’t look like chicken, it doesn’t smell like chicken!”  “Where are the feet?”

All the kids after trying the chicken:  “This is the best chicken EVER!”  “More please!”

All the kids about the pirate boat play place:  “We want to live here”  Much hooping and hollering.

Man with own kids at KFC playground:  “Don’t play with those dirty kids”

Percy:  “I couldn’t get the kids out of the boat.  I had to go in and drag them out one by one.  Everyone was staring and laughing”