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OUR Team

Kristen Brewer

Pets:  Kavod and Kodiak

Country of Origin:  United States

Favorite Food From Country of Service:  Batidos – natural fruit smoothies

Favorite Activity to do in Country of Service:  Hike in the forests or swim in the rivers with my dogs.

As the director of Inca Arte, Kristen focuses on three main goals: developing projects that the youth work on, training staff, and discipling students.

The projects each focus on a different type of art medium, whether that is painting or drawing. Each project has a theme and they study Bible verses that go along with that theme. They then use those verses as inspiration to create the art. At the end of each project, the students have an opportunity to share their final piece of work at a Gala that is open to the community. In order to complete these projects, they have a devotional teacher, an art teacher, and an event/Gala specialist. Kristen works alongside each of the staff members in order to provide support and guidance as they collaborate in making the devotional and art work together to create the final products for the Gala. They also have two students who work as assistants to help the teachers with setup. Those assistants meet with Kristen once a week on a separate occasion to study the Bible. In this way, they can really focus on discipleship.

Creating projects, training staff, and disciplining youth are just three things Kristen do as the director. Her hope is to train enough staff members so that they can take over the program and she can set up another Inca Arte in a different part of Costa Rica.

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