Pueblo Viejo (Film Project)



We are serving in Pueblo Viejo Intibucá, which is a small community where most of the people are originally Lenca (a community that existed before colonization). This community is located between the mountains, and most of the inhabitants are engaged in agriculture growing potatoes, coffee, beans, etc.


  • The Lenca community is a very shy community. They have difficulty expressing their emotions with each other, which leads them to alcoholism as the only demolishing method – we can literally see many people walking around the community totally drunk and having spent what they had made during the month and the week. But the biggest problem is the high youth suicide rate that exists in that community – children as young as 12 years old have taken their lives or have seen their loved ones do it.
  • There are many children who are growing up without a dad and mom. The saddest thing is that some dads are in jail for being accused of sexual abuse.
  • The Catholic church is at war with the evangelical church, which does not make us very pleasant for many people. We would love for them to understand that we want to serve them and they are welcome to our programs.


  • We have started a film program that does not necessarily screen traditional Christian movies – we show movies like Avengers, The Lion King, etc., since they don’t have a cinema nearby. The closest one is in Siguatepeque and it takes them 2 buses to get there and between the ticket costs for the movie and popcorn, it becomes something that is not exactly impossible for them, but not a priority. So we started doing the program at a communal house in Pueblo Viejo, to provide a place for the community to relax a little, have popcorn and free soda (which we prepare with the help of local people). We tell them simply, God loves you, you are not alone and we want to be your friends.

  • We have between 20 (when it rains) and 50 people who come, but once we have established trust, we begin the next phase of the project – meeting with children and young people every 15 days with games, crafts and teaching them directly from the word of God. One of the greatest results of this program is that the children and their families are already attending the local church where our friend and leader Olvin is the pastor.