So reality is setting in. I’m leaving…

This clicked when was thinking about Judah, my 4-month old nephew. When I was a teenager, I always dreamed of rising up my nephew. I loved kids, so I knew I would love spending time with my future nephew. And now that dream came true, and what am I doing? I’m leaving.

I’m leaving my friends and family. Everyone has been non-stop encouraging me while I’ve been here in the states. The hours of conversations I’ve had, the opportunities have been incredible! Well, the opportunities will come in Perú as I continue to speak more Spanish, and Spanish scares me! I’m serious, it freaks me out. It’s going to take a miracle for me to speak Spanish fluently, so when I do…start glorifying and praising God, because it will ONLY be because of His grace and mercy.
I’m leaving English.
I’m leaving my job. How am I doing to support myself? By depending on Jesus and the Body of Christ…you.
I’m leaving my culture…my home.

I’m leaving my comfortability. We are all different, so how can you leave your comfortability?