Dear friends,

It’s been a while since we wrote. We have been pretty busy/distracted with all the new things going on lately, but many great things have happened during May and June.

In May some of the guys were able to do construction at our local Quechua Church.  They built classrooms for preteens and youth classes on the second floor of the church. We have new youth coming to the church now so we made new classrooms with donated materials. We have been also working on finishing typesetting for the new “Book of Hope” translations we are doing.

In June, we were able to do medical, construction and evangelistic outreach. Our team joined with a group from McConnell Church, North Georgia, to minister to Quechua communities in the outskirts of Ayacucho, Peru.  It was great because we got to work with German doctors Birgit and Joerg Bardy from Curahuasi near Cuzco.  We spent 4 days in different communities from an hour to two hours by bus from the city of Ayacucho.  Quechua speakers came from different villages seeking medicine and relief. Our team was able to treat different illnesses. One man, who was dying from stomach cancer, came hoping for some new cure and was ministered to spiritually.   We were also able to share the gospel with children and youth using  the Book of Hope in Quechua. Something that stood out as we ministered together with Doctor Birgit, is the great need for teaching in Quechua on general health and nutrition, especially among the women.  Many of our team got sick during this time, including my baby, so it was a difficult trip, yet it was great because many heard about Jesus, received medical help, and learned basic hygiene.

On the 23rd of June our family came to the US. We got to visit friends in Florida and then spend a good week with Kusi’s sister Qori who is a doctor in the US airforce. We are now in GA visiting different relatives and re-connecting with different friends.


Highs and Lows:


– We are enjoying our time visiting here in the US with friends and family we haven’t seen in a long time.

– We are thanking Jesus that our baby Andres is finally over the virus/infection he had that was not going away. Also very thankful that we were able to find a pediatrician to help us.


– missing friends and family in Peru

– Kusi’s grandfather had to get rushed to the hospital yesterday, but is doing better now.


Prayer requests:

– For Kusi’s grandfather who is in recovering

– That we are all able to stay healthy while here in the US

– For the different places that we will be speaking at that we can show our vision of what God has planned for us and that we can raise the support that we need to continue our work in Peru.


Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Pablo and Kusi Saccsara