Hey all!  For this months update, we thought we’d give you a friendly reminder to get on www.incalink.org and get caught up on our projects throughout South America.  We have been busy putting videos together too, so we’d love for you to click on the following links to check them out!  We need your prayers!
We are gearing up for our once-every-two-years Inca Link retreat this May too, so please be praying for that!  Here are a couple of more things to highlight:
1.  May 5th, Pasitos de Fe in Trujillo, Peru is having an outing.  They are looking for people to “sponsor a smile.”  The commitment is to cover the cost of the event that day.  The cost is just $6 per kid and there are around 40 going. Gracias!
2.  Johnny Anderson was in Quito this week, so Rich and I got to spend time with him!  He is working together with Lucy in Bogota, Colombia.  Right now weighing heavy on his heart is their ministry with the Santa Cecilia kids.  If you are a kid in this neighborhood you are either in a gang or dead!  They are developing a center for these kids to get help with homework, take classes in music, dance etc. as well as feed the kids.  It is hard to meet the budget for food, professors, materials, etc.  Please pray for them!  Also, if you or a group you know want to have a pioneering  missions experience, sign up with Inca Link to go to Bogota, Colombia!  You will fall in love.  It’s never to late.  We have a great guest house in Bogota to house teams, and Colombians are the best hosts!  Lisa Merritt will be in Bogota for part of the summer with other interns, so come on down!!
3.  Corban is getting ready to tour Latin America…all in a VAN.  Yikes.  Pray for this insane tour of 55 days, 40 concerts in 8 countries.  I will be giving you more details next month!
4.  Casey Bryans, Oswaldo and Denise Piñeiros, Mandi Howlett and Gustavo Cadena are all in the States right now!  They are traveling around (each in different States) letting people know about the wonderful things that God is doing in Inca Link Ecuador.  Did you know we are starting our own home for kids whose parents are in prison?  It´s called tesoros, which means treasures.  We are all very excited and have to raise quite a bit of money to buy the dream house for these kids.  More details (and pictures) to come in our next newsletter.
5.  Although we don´t have an actual official paper stating that we have permission to house minors, we have been given the green light by the government to get Casa Elizabeth going again.  Casa Elizabeth is our home for pregnant teens.  We are now praying that God will lead us to the girls He wants us to serve.  Pray with us!
6.  Don´t forget to keep the children’s home in Trujillo on your prayer list. Ignacio and Meylin Mireles and Josh and Jennifer Howlett are raising money to come help us in Trujillo. The details of water and electricity have given us some trouble, and it can be discouraging. We have much work to do before the children move in!  Keep praying!
Hope you guys had a great month of April!