encouragementWhat a blessing to have a whole church supporting, encouraging, and praying for me. And not only that, but sending me to Peru as a missionary to spread the Word of the Lord. This church is the place where I was raised, where I spent the last 25 years. I was taught and trained. Corrected and discipled. Mentored and instructed. Advised and challenged. What a blessing.


But they sent me to Peru, where I desire to be. It’s is difficult to feel their prayers when I cannot see them, when I cannot hear them, when I cannot hug them. But the Lord already had it all planned out that a church would received me and welcomed me. They presented me before their whole church as a missionary and prayed over me. This church is close to my heart, because whenever I was in Peru, I always went to this church. They always show me a smile and give me a warm, Peruvian greeting. What a blessing.

So thanks. Thank you for everything that you are doing for me. I will never know how much you gave and interceded for me, but the Lord knows, and I’m thankful. Thanks.